Frequently Asked Questions

How much does this service cost?

$3 per first destination that we are able to find.

For example, you send us 1000 graduates, we find social media profiles on 570 of them and first destinations on 250 of the.  When we send you results we will also send you an invoice for $750, which is $3/each for the 250 graduates that we were able to find a first destination.

We are so confident in our process that you will only be charged for the results that we achieve. If we can’t identify a graduate’s first destination, you don’t have to pay for the work we have done.

On average, we are able to locate a social media profile on 57% of the graduates that you send us.  We typically find the graduate’s first destination on 200-450 of these graduates.

My university requires a price quote and PO. How does this work with your pricing structure?

When a university requires a price quote or a purchase order prior to the completion of the work, we generate a quote based upon us locating first destinations on 50% of the graduates that you are planning to send us.  We guarantee that your final bill will be less than this amount, even if we locate first destinations on more than 50% of the graduates.

For example, if you are planning to send us 1000 graduates, we will send you a quote for $1500 (500 found first destinations @ $3 each).  When we have completed the work you will receive an invoice for the actual number of first destinations that we find.  If we find first destinations on more than 50% of the graduates, you get the extra ones for free.

How do you know if you have found the right person?

We use all of the information that you send us to determine if we have found the correct individual.  When the individual’s first and last name, university, major, and year of graduation match, the likelihood that we have found the right person is very, very high. It is possible that two Susan Smiths graduated with a Marketing degree in 2018 but it is very low.

What counts as a “found first destination?”

Once we have determined that we have found the correct individual, we look for employment and or education that occurs after the graduation date that you specified.

There are a couple of exceptions to this.  First, if they have started a position that appears to be full-time in the month prior to graduation, it counts as a first destination.  Second, if they specifically state that they have graduated and that they are looking for employment or planning to go to graduate school, this counts a first destination of seeking employment or seeking continuing education respectively.

How long does it take to get the results?

Depending on our work load we will deliver the search results to you within 4 weeks.  If you are submitting a small number of graduates and our current work load is light, it could be as quick as one business day.

If you need the results by a particular day, you may specify the “Request by Date” when you submit your graduate data.  We do not guarantee delivery in less than 4 weeks but we will make every effort to do so.

What does the data output look like?

You can download a sample results file to see what the final data will look like.

The results will be returned via a Microsoft Excel Workbook.  If you can not open an Excel file we can send it to you in a tab or comma separated format.

How do I incorporate the data into my survey results?

The best way to incorporate the data back into your survey results is to include a unique identifier in the data that you send us.  This could be the graduate’s email address or an ID.  This will greatly facilitate incorporating the data into your survey results.

How do you protect the student data that we are sending you?

We understand that the data that you are sending us is important and that it is crucial that it be kept safe.  It’s your data, not ours. Since it’s not our data, we will not release it to anyone but you. We will not sell it, lease it, give it away, or let it be stolen. Our entire business model relies on trust and keeping your data safe. For a more technical summary of how we do this, see our Security Overview. For a more detailed report on our security structure, prospective clients may request a copy of our EDUCAUSE Higher Education Cloud Vendor Assessment Tool.