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  • First 3000 Enrolled Students
    Each plan comes with the first 3000 enrolled students per academic year. If you are purchasing a license for an individual departmental, school, or college, the license is based upon the enrollment of that individual unit. If you are only including data on your undergraduates, the license is based upon your undergraduate enrollment.
  • Additional Enrolled Students
    If you require a license for a larger enrollment it can be purchased at an additional cost per enrolled student.
  • 20 Basic Features
  • 3 Standard Features
  • 7 Premium Features


$400per year
  • $0.03/additional enrollment


$550per year
  • $0.04/additional enrollment


$800per year
  • $0.06/additional enrollment
  • Pick Any 2


$1,100per year
  • $0.07/additional enrollment